“Dragonwalker” by Lee Benoit

Unless he’s going crazy, one of the dogs Endi walks just blew smoke out of its nose.  And another just unfurled its wings. When his boyfriend thinks he’s gone crazy, he’s going to need help from the chief to get out of the trouble he’s in.

“Dragonwalker” is a blast. It’s a very creative and heartwarming story. Endi and the chief’s relationship is a little shy of taboo and I love them together!


“Blood Rubies” by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

Captain Thomas Harrison and his lookout Samir are on a treasure hunt searching for the Eye of the Dragon- a grapefruit sized ruby. Harrison loves gold but Samir loves rubies above all else.  When they get captured by a band of pirates their leader shows Samir the Eye of the Dragon. How far will Samir go to get his hands on it?

“Blood Rubies” is an erotic adventure. It’s sexy and outrageous and a lot of fun!


“Hunter's Kiss” by Margaret Leigh

Jack and Casey are vampire hunters. After being attacked by a vampire Casey is bitten and turns. Now Jack has to hunt his partner and lover. Is Jack hunting Casey to save him or kill him?

“Hunter’s Kiss” is a great story. It’s exciting, erotic and intense. I really like it. I wanted a longer ending though.


“Finding Trouble” by Misa Izanaki

Dante is a bartender in Kale’s club. Kale is a bit overprotective of Dante. When Roland   propositions Dante, he takes off with him. However, Dante may have gotten in over his head. Maybe he should have listened to Kale after all.

I wanted Dante and Kale together right from the start. Dante is sweet and almost innocent and Kale is sexy and intense. “Finding Trouble” is intriguing and hot.


“Magenta: The Romance of Scarlet and Red” by Camilla Bruce

Scarlett is a thief. He’s become obsessed with Red and Reds’ things. So Scarlett steals everything he can from the man. Red doesn’t like it and he’s going teach Scarlett a lesson he’ll never forget!

“Magenta: The Romance of Scarlet and Red” is fun and very hot. It would be great as a novel length story.


“Unfinished Business: An Undercover Blues Story” by Laney Cairo

Ryan Hadley met Jason Cooper when he was a detective looking for information on Jason’s   mob boss brother Harvey. Now Ryan and Jason are lovers living a quiet life together until Harvey’s past comes back to haunt them.

Ryan and Jason are introduced in Laney Cairo’s Undercover Blues. It’s a great story and “Unfinished Business” is just as good. It’s exciting and action packed.  I love Ryan and Jason. They are sweet and sexy guys.


“The Alpha Bet” by Cassidy Ryan

While playing cards at a casino, Grey bet his lover West that if West lost the next hand he had to cater to Grey’s every whim the next day. West is about to find out that losing is the best thing he’s ever done!

“The Alpha Bet” is sexy and kinky and Grey and West are really good together. “The Alpha Bet” is the start of something new for these two!


“Unravel” by Mychael Black

When fashion designer Philip meets his assistant’s brother Dan, the sparks fly. After a brief flirtatious conversation Philip finds himself slung over Dan’s knees and that’s just where he wants to be. But when Dan finds out that Philip is his boss, will that be the end of their hot affair?

“Unravel” is a little kinky, very hot, and really fun. It’s a fast paced romance with a lot of heat!


“A Jolly Good Idea” by Syd McGinley

Hugh is taking his lover Ryan to meet his family in England. Ryan is nervous about meeting them and about how he’ll not be able to serve Hugh, his master, while there. As he predicted, the visit isn’t going well. Hugh is up to something, and the family is in on it.

I love “A Jolly Good Idea.” Hugh can be quite highhanded and even rude and Ryan is very sweet and sensitive. I love the dynamics of their relationship. I love the scenery and Hugh’s family. I got lost in the story.


“Bruised Knuckles and Bars” by Julia Talbot

Jed Thatcher and his brother Ross have to find their own way out of trouble. But what’s worse, facing the sheriff or facing their lovers?

“Bruised Knuckles and Bars” shows Jed and Eli at their troublemaking finest. They are introduced in Julia Talbot’s Jumping Into things. I love Jed and Ross and their lovers. “Bruised Knuckles and Bars” is another fun and hot glimpse into Jed and Eli’s lives as they get older and sexier.


In Another Fine Mess I got to visit a few old favorites and meet some new great characters. These shorts are big on story. They are creative, fun, hot, and very entertaining.


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