Angels Among Us by Jeanette Ward

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419908576

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Freelance reporter Braelynn Burke is on a mission to prove that “Angel Sightings” are no more than a myth or a fragment of someone’s imagination.  Hot on the trail of her latest sighting, Braelynn’s car breaks down in a small town out in the middle of nowhere, causing her to miss a very important interview all because the local mechanic, Gabe Harding, refuses to work on the weekend.  And, to make matters worse, when he finally does get around to fixing her car, he doesn't have the right parts to repair her it.  Now, Braelynn is forced to spend more time with this stubborn man who sets her soul on fire – something she definitely doesn't need in her life at this moment.

After two years of functioning in a numb-type state following his wife’s death, Gabe Harding’s body arouses the instant he sees a sexy temptress by the name of Braelynn Burke.  And, no matter how hard his body calls to Braelynn, Gabe is determined not to fall under her alluring spell.  Yet, the more time he spends around Braelynn while repairing her car, the more she begins to wear down his defenses.  Will Gabe let Braelynn into his heart before it is too late? Or will he allow his second chance at happiness to float away?

By the end of Angels Among Us, it was hard not to believe in angels.  I found this to be a true inspirational story with a wonderful romantic flare. It was a joy to read and will tug at your heart.  Jeanette Ward is an amazing storyteller.  The plot was very fascinating and held my interest until the dramatic conclusion.  Both Gabe and Braelynn had some issues from their past that each needed to deal with, and their future happiness greatly hinged on their choices. The romance between the couple was undeniable and tenderly sweet.  Readers who enjoy stories with a touch of the paranormal will be captivated by Angels Among Us.


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