Ancient Ties by Jane Leopold Quinn

Loose Id

Erotic Time Travel Romance

ISBN 978-1-59632-621-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Janney Forrester is visiting England when she is magically thrown back in time to the year 161 AD where she meets  Roman soldier Marek Benin.  Recognizing Janney from his dreams, Marek knows that the god, Mars, and goddess, Venus, are responsible for her appearance and he intends to make her his. Two thousand years and different lifestyles are what lie between Marek and Janney, yet they still desire and reach out to each other.  Mars has an agenda though. He wants Marek back as his warrior and that means Janney has to go. Is Marek and Janney’s love stronger than a god’s wrath?

Ancient Ties is a wonderful romance full of angst and sensuality.  I adore Marek. He is a vulnerable and yet very dominant hero. Janney is lovely. Her reactions and feelings are genuine.  I was desperate to see what would happen next, hoping things were going to work out for Marek and Janney. Ancient Ties is an enchanting story rich in eroticism and romance. 


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