An Acquired Taste by Jude Mason

Phaze Publishing

BDSM erotic romance

ISBN: 1-59426-945-9

Reviewed by Willow



Since her husband’s death six months ago, Cynthia Lyon has worked hard to make her catering business a success. Unfortunately she's been very lonely without her husband’s touch. She knows its time to move on, but it feels like cheating to her. Now the roof has a leak, and Cynthia needs a contractor. But after her last experience with a contractor, Cynthia is determined to get exactly what she wants.

Caleb Jenkins is the third generation of Jenkins and Sons. Tall, blonde and beautiful, he reignites a spark in Cynthia. Cynthia’s special room has been unused for far too long. It needs to be utilized, and Caleb is definitely the man for the job. But will he agree to Cynthia’s contract for a job well done?

Lady Cyn is very excited that she has found a new submissive. Caleb has never been involved in anything like this before. It's most definitely An Acquired Taste for him. I love the tension building in Caleb as he anticipates his “punishment”. Cynthia’s excitement comes through loud and clear as well. There was a distinct tension for me while I was reading. I liked this book very much.


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