Amethyst Moon by N.J. Walters

Amethyst Series

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal/ménage a trois or more

ISBN: 978-1419912603

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Olivia Fifield is an archeologist whose grandfather was discredited after his last discovery — a mysterious civilization — was declared a fraud.  Olivia sets out to redeem the Fifield name and to gain both respect and status among her peers.     When the amethyst and silver jewelry her grandfather bequeathed to her proves to be the gateway to an unknown world, called T’ar Tal, she confronts a different challenge.

Tor and Dak are handsome T’ar Tal warriors determined to convince Olivia to remain with them on their world.  This may prove difficult considering the fact that Olivia views herself as a scientist first and a woman last.  But the woman in Olivia fails to be suppressed when tempted with this type of hot masculine enticement.   If she decides to accept the pair as her partners and T’ar Tal, there will be no turning back. 

I am a fan of stories involving lost civilizations and strange new worlds, so Amethyst Moon was the perfect fit for me.  Ms. Walters added the right amount of details about Olivia and T’ar Tal without clogging up the story.  Dak and Tor are solid, assertive men who respect Olivia’s limits.  The love scenes are scorching while still illustrating an emotional connection.  Amethyst Moon’s continuity vividly flows from scene to scene without missing a beat.   I would have liked for Olivia to experience more danger and action but in the real world, archaeologists do not get all the fictional thrills of say, Dr. Indiana Jones.  Ms. Walters kept me grounded in reality while effectively delivering a strong story with nicely developed characters, paranormal elements and lots of sizzling romance. 


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