All The Way Home by Jenyfer Matthews

Cerridwen Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN 9781419914898

Reviewed by Nannette



Maggie Dean is back in her hometown to help her sister Melanie after her husband Adam walked out on her. Maggie stops on the highway to take in the sights of home and finds a stray dog. She takes him to the local veterinarian who turns out to be her old high school crush Sam Callahan. At first Sam doesnít recognize Maggie, but when he does heís anxious to get to know her again. Soon Maggie and Sam are dating. Maggie isnít looking for anything serious though. Her parentís marriage failed and now her sisterís is in trouble. Maggie doesnít want that kind of heartbreak, but Sam is looking for something serious. Maggieís fears may cost her the best thing that ever happened to her.

All The Way Home is a sweet and sensual story. Sam and Maggie share a few amusing dates before the heat turns up between them. Melanie and Adamís story is really nice as well. All The Way Home is romantic, fun, and heartwarming.  


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