All Play and No Work by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley, Book 1

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Contemporary/Cowboy Ménage Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906328-50-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Ryan, Nate and Rio are together for good now and nothing is going to separate them.  However, they know that their arrangement is unconventional so when Ryan receives an offer to be the sheriff of Cattle Valley – a town built to be a haven for gay people, they decide that this just might be the place for them.

Once all three of them are at Cattle Valley, Nate and Rio find themselves at loose ends, as there isn’t much call for a PI or a mercenary.  Nate, being as friendly as he is, immediately starts making friends with all the people he meets especially the owner of a fine men’s clothing.  After all, a man’s measure is in how good he looks, right?  However, when Nate finds out that his newfound friend might be on the receiving end of abuse by an angry ex, Nate can’t help but become involved.

Will Rio and Ryan understand Nate’s need to help out his new friend?

All Play and No Work starts the story of the three men whom were introduced in the Good-Time Boys series.  Nate continues to charm with his stylish wardrobe and playful personality, while Rio and Ryan are the “muscle” in the relationship.  These three are so hot that they will steam up your screen and leave you reaching for something to cool down with often.  While the characters and the plot take slightly predictable paths the book is packed with sensuality along with humor that will keep you smiling along with the men.  That said All Play and No Work is an entertaining read for a day that you are looking for uncomplicated sensuality.


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