A Little Bit Bewitched by Jamie Craig

Amber Heat

Fantasy Ménage M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60272-211-8

Reviewed by Ley



British Professor Daniel Meyer’s life was about to head in a direction he would have never imagined.  His instant attraction and pursuit of Lucy Henson, the new assistant of his colleague, Professor Charles Cowling has Daniel feeling and wanting things he never knew were inside him.  Lucy is just as attracted to Daniel but there are a few minor details Daniel needs to know about her.  Lucy is not only Charles’ assistant, she’s his lover and Lucy Henson is a witch.  She’s a very powerful witch within the coven where Charles is the leader.

Out of curiosity Daniel attends a coven meeting as Lucy’s initiate and he finds himself more than a quiet observer as he is drawn not only to Lucy but to Charles as well.

A Little Bit Bewitched is different from what I’m used to from Jamie Craig.  It’s slower paced and I found it to be a bit on the conservative side even though the plot deals with witchcraft and group sex.  I wasn’t drawn to any of the characters and I found them to be rather subdued emotionally, outside of the sex I didn’t feel the love.  Although there are some sizzling hot sex scenes and I think Jamie Craig is a fantastic writing team, this story just didn’t capture me. 


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