After Midnight by L.M. Prieto

Sequel to After Dark

Loose Id

Erotic Werewolf Paranormal Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-343-8

Reviewed by Sabella



When Andrew faced his brother Tyler and killed him, he walked away with more than guilt for his death – all the knowledge and power that Tyler had accumulated somehow got transferred to Andrew.  Now, however, Andrew wants to find a way to use this knowledge for good – but will he be able to do it without becoming corrupted himself?  And to top it all off Andrew’s evil grandfather might not be dead after all…

Devon has had plenty of shocks himself – he discovered he is a werewolf and that his lover is a mage.  Still, Devon just wants to continue his life as normally as before, while managing to shift into a werewolf if he needs to protect his family.  However, Devon’s wish for normality is not meant to be.  His grandfather has sent werewolves to protect Andrew, his lover learning to use his magic and slowly changing – but not in a good way, his ex-lover has reappeared in his life as well and someone is sending vampires to kill Devon.

In this sequel to After Dark we catch up with the lives of Andrew and Devon and how they are adapting to all the revelations from the last book.  After Midnight is a great paranormal romance that will grab your interest from the first page.  Devon is charming with his steadfast belief in the good of people and his desire to retain his humanity despite his “heritage” within the werewolf community.  Andrew is a complex man and his battle against becoming corrupted by the power he received from Tyler is fascinating to watch.  Andrew’s struggle embodies the adage: “absolute power corrupts absolutely” because as Andrew slowly realizes what he can do with his power it becomes temptingly easy to solve all their problems in the most expedient manner – dealing death.  After Midnight is great paranormal book that gathers together magic, sex and a battle of good vs. evil to create a gripping tale that will leave you wanting for more after the last page is turned.  Please note that After Midnight ends in a huge cliffhanger.  Still, After Midnight is a great read - perfect for a day that needs a little suspense.


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