Affinity by Viola Grace

The HalfBlood Club

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Fantasy, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-776-8

Reviewed by Erys



Her grandmother has decided it's time for Esmerelda to go before council. She wants Esmy's power tested and for her granddaughter to be accepted by the Fae.

Esmy has been using a glamour since she'd gone through puberty. As soon as she'd realized where most of her power lay, she did her best to hide it. But no more. Now that the truth is out about her Affinity, or Siren abilities, Esmy now has a difficult task. How will she find a man who loves her for her, and not one who makes her conform to their dream woman? Her father has picked out several lovers for her, but after that she doesn't know what will happen.

Affinity is a fun, interesting story. Though the plot wasn't unique, Viola Grace put in twists that made it different enough to keep my attention. It took a few pages for me to be drawn into the story, but once I was in I enjoyed Esmy's humor. There was a situation in the story that made me extremely uneasy, but other than that this was an enjoyable read. I was left with a few questions after a dinner party her tutors had after bringing Esmy to their home, so I'll be looking for the next book in this series.


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