A Familiar Face by Marie Harte

No Holes Barred Series

New Concept Publishing


Reviewed by Rosemary



Trade witch Mallory West works part time at The Club, one night she receives a surprising invitation from her boss to rest upstairs in the exclusive lounge.  When Mallory wakes from a nap, she finds herself in another world, and captive of the War Leader of the Talians, a fierce race fighting to survive a crushing enemy.

Core suspects Mallory is a spy, but upon intensive interrogation, he becomes convinced she is the gift promised to him by his god, Ratlaharan.

A Familiar Face has an interesting storyline with a creative concept.  Mallory is a witch who actually has to work for a living and is considered unworthy amongst the witch society.  Core is a sensual creature, a natural born leader to protect his people.  Marie Harte illustrates some very different characters in A Familiar Face.  My dislike of reptiles took away the appeal of a possible good read for me, but an interesting read for those with different taste.


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