A Fairy Special Gift By Gia Dawn

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-676-0

Reviewed by Chris



Meara Mageeís tongue-twisting name makes me want to pair it up with a lot of Mmmís in this sentence. Ms. Dawn, please pick a less alliterative name next time. Moving on to the story, the heroine, Meara, can see fairies. But these arenít the type of fairies found in childrenís tales. Even armed with a fly swatter, the swarm of biting, hair-pulling, destructive fairies has never left her alone. Naturally, her love life is a bit lacking. Her artwork depicting fairies being tortured, however, is inspired by her annoying little friends.

Jamison Murphy can also see fairies, although he employs a different tactic when dealing with them. He walks around with his pockets filled with confetti and that sparkling stuff that evil people sneakily tuck in greeting card envelopes, the kind that spews all over your counters and floors when you open the cards. When the fairies attack, he throws a handful into the air, thus distracting them. Jamison works for the Coast Guard. Since fairies are afraid to cross large bodies of water, this provides him with some respite.

One night Jamison stuffs his motorcycle into a sand dune. Luckily, the fairies fetch Meara to patch him up. The attraction to each other is immediate. But there are other pressing problems. Meara has a job offer in Nevada to consider, far away from the coast, and Jamisonís evidence keeps turning up missing from the evidence room at the police department. Without it, thereís nothing to prevent his drug runners from going free.

A Fairy Special Gift is a fluffy, fast read. The way the fairies are presented as basically sentient mosquitoes is entertaining, as is the side plot with Lugh, the Celtic God of Fire, and the lovelorn Banshee. I found the story a bit light on plot. The descriptions of sex are satisfying, but we learn little about the heroís past. That lack makes the ending less enjoyable. Overall, though, Gia Dawn has written a sweet little romance with a sprinkle of magic, love, and suspense.


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