A Delicious Taboo by Jennifer Cole

Dark Eden Press

M/M Multiple Partners Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Four men, two couples with a few things in common. Van and Calen are in love and very committed to each other, and so are Phillip and Jake.  Van and Calen have more than a strong attraction to Melanie, the bartender down at their local gay bar.  They feel she will fit in perfectly with them and they want to invite her to be a part of their relationship, and so do Phillip and Jake.  Shot down in their initial approach to Melanie the four men devise a plan to show her just how much they really want her.

Melanie took the menís flirtation in stride, silently wishing there was some truth to it.  Sheís gotten to know the two couples well over the past six months and there was no way they would want her when they have gorgeous sexy partners to love, and hold every night.  Her greatest fantasy was to lie in-between them and be a part of the love they shared.  Choosing between the couples was not an option as she wanted all four of the men. If you are going to dream, might as well dream big.

A dinner invitation, and a little coaxing from four very determined men, Melanieís fantasy soon became a reality.  But can it be a permanent one that will last more than just a weekend?

This story was smoking hot!  Four sexy men and one very lucky woman whom you canít even hate because she is so easy to like and identify with made A Delicious Taboo such a fun read. The men were so sweet and caring with Melanie, they understood her fears and insecurities but also showed her how beautiful and tantalizing she was in spite of them.  I also found it strangely endearing that the men never strayed from their respective partners.  Although the five of them engaged in group sex the couples only loved on Melanie and their man while Melanie loved on all of them.  A Delicious Taboo was indeed a delicious read.


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