Across the Stars by India Masters

Loose Id

BDSM, Science-Fiction/Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59632-625-5

Reviewed by Indy



Solae Obora is a female bounty hunter who travels the galaxy locking up slime balls. Not afraid to use her feminine wiles to get the job done shes spent years hunting for the man responsible for the murder of her family. As Solae chases the elusive Fyn Du-ket, the man who killed her mother and sister, she finds herself being haunted for more sensual reasons. As commander of his own crew and vessel, Raav Asirian is a mercenary for hire. He has craved Solae for years and finally found a way to get what he wants. Even if its for a short time, Raav plans on making sure Solae never forgets the time spent in his bed. The two wind up coming together for a chance to finally catch Fyn Du-ket, but hearts will be broken when lies are revealed and love is tested.

Sometimes we go through life living with rage and anger that controls our every waking moment. Solae is such a woman. Ruled by her need to revenge the deaths of her loved ones, she never made time to experience the joy of living. Across the Stars takes readers on an intergalactic journey filled with amorous trysts, hidden secrets and a commanding mercenary who refuses to lose in the game of love. India Masters designed a story that was exhilarating and stormy with unexpected twists that completely shocked me. Im sure readers who enjoy their bondage on the lighter side, but still want an intense connection, will find Across the Stars is just what they were looking for.


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