A Continental Marriage by Susanne Marie Knight

Wings ePress

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59705-125-X

Reviewed by Tanya



Nicolette is a young woman who was born and bred in the wilds of upper Manhattan Island, early in American history.  She is stunned when she and her family get a missive from her estranged grandfather, which comes in the form of an English lady arriving to escort her to England.  Since Nicolette’s father had been disinherited, they are stunned.  But Nicolette agrees to take the journey and stay for a few months, intending to return as soon as she can.

What Nicolette didn’t realize is that her grandfather intends to set her up in marriage, effectively keeping her and her babies there in his homeland.  She is surprised to figure this out, and is more surprised at the rigid structure these English seem to follow, as she is used to much more freedom.  Then she receives devastating news from home.  Her grandfather uses this news to his benefit.  He promises to send support for her family back in America if she weds an Englishman.  What she doesn’t know is that he is also making a deal with Lord Victor Cushing who is in needs of funds due to his brother’s juvenile behaviors and actions.

Under duress, they agree to marry.  Though Nicolette thinks Victor only wants her for his money, and Victor is still sure that Nicolette is a gold digger.  Only time will tell what their real characters are and will a marriage of convenience be enough for either of them?

A story of misunderstandings and growing up is the easiest way to describe A Continental Marriage.  It seems that Nicolette and Victor are never going to be able to be completely together due to one misunderstanding after an other, but the author does a very good job in showing how these misunderstandings are brought to light and reconciled.  I think Ms. Knight has written a wonderful addition to the historical romance genre.  She took the time to research how long correspondence would have taken as well as how expensive it might be etc…  I was drawn into the story early on and I enjoyed the entire story.  A Continental Marriage is a great addition to any historical romance fan’s library.


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