Absolutely Not by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Ellora’s Cave

Romantic Comedy Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419913457

Reviewed by Ley



Well it said ‘looking good is the best revenge”. If this is true then Maisy had the perfect plan. After months of dieting and a total makeover, Maisy set out to get revenge against her cheating lowdown dog of an ex-husband, but he cheated her out of that too.  The bastard has a heart attack and dies while cheating on his new wife who happens to be the woman he cheated on Maisy with.  Attending the funeral wasn’t a total loss as Maisy got to tell off the home wrecker who seduced and stole her no good husband in the first place. As well she met Keller, the most beautiful man she has ever seen.

Even though she’s no longer the overweight, plain Jane married to a man who made her feel worthless, the ‘new’ Maisy found it hard to believe someone as beautiful and sexy as Keller would be interested in her.  When she discovered he’s the home wrecker’s brother her mind was telling her to run but her libido wasn’t listening.

Absolutely Not had me going from chuckling to out loud laughing throughout the entire book.  Daisy Dexter Dobbs has a crazy sense of humor and I love that in an author.  Maisy and Keller’s attempts to get together result in some funny, sometimes embarrassing and cringe inducing situations thanks to their own antics and the interference of friends and family.  Norman, whom I loved, Rudy, Big Willy and Sharon the husband stealer and their own romantic and not so romantic side stories added to the hilarity of Absolutely Not.  This is a great read for anyone looking for something fun to brighten their day.


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