A Bitter Pill by Kelly Wallace

Liquid Silver


ISBN: 978-1-59578-412-4

Reviewed by Ley



Trevor Scott didnít have an easy life, he lost his parents to domestic violence when he was sixteen, then his surrogate family to a drunk driver at twenty-four.  He made a promise to his best friend on his deathbed to take care of his little sister Lil, who like him was now alone in the world. 

Eleven years after losing her family, Lil seems to have her life on track but something is missing, she wants a baby.  Certain that she was going to be single forever, Lil was okay with raising a baby alone, all she needed now was a Ďdonorí.  Trevor was the last person she expected to volunteer for the job.

A Bitter Pill is a very dramatic story with the typical scarred hero and sweet-natured heroine.  Normally these are my favorite type of stories and they tend to pull me in from the first page and hold me to the very end, but not this particular story.  The prologue starts off okay, although itís very high on the dramatics it caught my interest and Iím ready to see what happens next, but then I felt let down with the first chapter.  Lil and Travis flash forward eleven years, and over the course of one eveningís discussion they decide to have a baby and Trevor will sleep with Lil to give her one.  The conversation and conclusion seemed to have come out of left field, and suddenly there is this attraction between two people who never thought of each other as more than a little sister and a big brother, and I as a reader didnít feel it.  A Bitter Pill felt rushed and it was disappointing because Kelly Wallaceís writing is really good and there were some great moments between Lil and Trevor later in the story that did have me feeling something for them. 


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