Abiogenesis by Kaitlyn OíConnor

Cyberevolution, Book One

New Concepts Publishing

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 1-58608-479-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Dalia VH570 is the top notch rogue cyborg hunter in her field.  When she goes in for a routine examination, the medical tech tries to kill her.  She learns that her employer, the company, has placed a hit on her.  The question is: Why? 

Reuel CO469, leader of the Cyborg Liberation, renounces all ties to the company and the humans that want to enslave and destroy his kind.  His dream is to establish his own world, and to build his own nation.  He is willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Before reading Abiogenesis, I had no idea what this word meant.  The title/definition is the plotís driving point.  Dalia is resilient and intelligent, which makes her an excellent match for Reuel.  The action scenes reminded me of  Resident Evil, Kill Bill and Lara Croft combined. Dalia is still rather innocent despite the fact she has been trained to be a killer.  Reuel is dangerous, sexy and tender.  You understand what drives him without truly ever knowing what he thinks.  

There are wonderful twists and unexpected surprises that Iíd much rather not give away.  The overall premise is about what it means to be human.  Abiogenesis is an action packed read with hot love scenes and interesting, well-developed characters.  Ms. OíConnor does an amazing job threading a subplot involving the company as the shadowy presence that lurks in the wings.  I strongly suggest reading this book and the continuing series if you enjoy fiery, accomplished heroines and driven, masculine love interests.


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