Witch Blood by Anya Bast
Elemental Witches, Book 2
Berkley Sensation
Paranormal Romance
ISBN-10: 0425220435
ISBN-13: 978-0425220436
Reviewed by Jo



Isabelle Novak is a water witch with only one thing on her mind – revenge for her sister’s death.  Isabelle has spent months trying to locate the demon that killed her sister and now driven by grief alone, she is going after the only person she can find.  Since revenge is not part of the “harm ye none” that the Coven follows, Isabelle has left it and gone out on her own.

Thomas Monahan is an earth witch and the head of the Coven and once he discovers what Isabelle is up to, he decides to bring her back into the Coven so they can help each other with a common goal – to defeat the demon.  Thomas is known as a no nonsense type of person, however Isabelle has brought emotions and feelings to Thomas that he has not felt before. 

Isabelle and Thomas begin an alliance of sorts –the watchful and waiting type.  Trust is an uneasy thing between them and passion seems to flare every time they are near each other.  As the danger comes nearer and nearer and their passion explodes, what is going to happen when Isabelle and Thomas are unexpectedly caught somewhere they never expected to be?

Witch Blood takes a water witch filled with the need for revenge and an earth witch who is trying to protect not only the Coven but Isabelle to.  While I could feel for Isabelle and her need to avenge her sister, I was hoping that Thomas would be able to show Isabelle that there are several ways to conquer a foe.  I was flipping pages as quickly as I could read them as not only the intrigue and danger grabbed me, but also as the red-hot feelings between Isabelle and Thomas kept being ramped up higher and higher.  I absolutely loved the sensual passion that Ms. Bast developed and grew between Isabelle and Thomas.  When I put that with the intense danger aspects and a plot that will keep you intrigued, I can guarantee that any lover of paranormals and romance will find Witch Blood has a place on their keeper shelf.


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