Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh
Bound Hearts
St. Martins Press
Erotic Romance
ISBN 10: 0-312-36872-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-312-36872-2
Reviewed by Jo



Jaci Wright has been running both to and from the Falladay twins since she was a teen.  Right from the beginning, Jaci felt a pull to Cameron (Cam) and was determined to be the one to make him smile.  One night a newly adult Jaci learned that Cam and his twin, Chase were a two for one deal.  She made a choice to run that night.

Cam and Chase Falladay have been keeping track of Jaci through the years and now Jaci is being hired to work at the club they do investigations for.  Cam knows that now he will be able to fulfill all the feelings and wants he has ever had for Jaci.  Chase, as usual, is waiting for Cam to take charge of Jaci but he is fully ready to step in if he needs to.  Jaci will not escape them again.

However, the world they live in has many dark secrets and some of them have attached themselves to Jaci.  Cam and Chase are willing to step in and take care of the problem if Jaci would just let them.  As Jaci, Cam and Chase circle and try to protect each other, another dark secret from the past has come to light.  Now Jaci, Cam and Chase will need every ounce of love, trust and understanding to make it through, or will the past destroy the future for them?

Just in case you were wondering, Wicked Pleasure smolders and makes you sweat with the eroticism from start to finish.  Jaci has wanted Cameron ever since they were young kids.  But when she was faced with his darker needs, Jaci walked away.  Now years later, Jaci has met back up with Cam and Chase and it seems that nothing has changed, not the passion, the wanting or the dark needs.  I could not stop wanting to help Cam myself as I read about what had caused him to have those needs.  When Jaci, Cam and Chase are together the scenes are both erotic and red hot, however I was struck just as much by the other passion when Jaci and Chase worked together and individually to try and help Cam.  Wicked Pleasures took me through a dark and painful past, on to an erotic threesome, and finally to a healing love.  Grab a comfy chair while it takes you there too. 


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