Vampires Are Forever by Lynsay Sands
An Argeneau Novel, Book 8
Erotic Vampire/Paranormal
ISBN: (13) 978-0-061-22969-5; (10) 0-061-22969-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Thomas has always been treated as the aimless younger brother by his cousins, but he has unexpected depths that only his Aunt Marguerite has seen and nurtured.  When she turns up missing, Thomas is the first to volunteer to go search for her – it also doesn’t hurt that all his cousins believe he has nothing better to do.  However, once Thomas begins his search he is hampered by Inez, a mortal without knowledge of his “vampire” nature, who has been sent by his cousin Bastien to help him navigate the streets of London.  Upon meeting Inez, Thomas is shocked to find that he can’t read or control her as that means that she is his lifemate.

Inez Urso has succeeded in her career and reached the upper echelons of Argeneau Enterprises due to her determination and drive, which sadly has left her with little in terms of a personal life.  When her boss Bastien calls asking her to babysit a relative and assist in the search of Bastien’s missing mother, Inez runs out to do her best.  However, she encounters shocking things that make her doubt her sanity – after all, what other explanation could be for the long teeth she saw in Thomas’ mouth?  But this is just the beginning of the surprises in store for her…

Will Inez ever be ready to commit to Thomas for such a long lifetime?  Especially when he explains what being turned entails?

Vampires Are Forever is the story of Thomas and his lifemate Inez.  Vampires Are Forever is a fun and action packed story that tracks over old and scenic cities in Europe as Thomas and Inez search for Marguerite.  In this story, Thomas is revealed to be a more serious man than he pretends to be, yet full of tender and attentive gestures towards Inez without losing his charming humor.  Inez in the tradition of Argeneau mates is a strong woman filled with determination and common sense that makes her the perfect mate for such a powerful man.  Throughout the book the scrapes that Thomas and Inez find themselves in make for a lighthearted and romantic read that will keep you turning the pages and eagerly awaiting their next erotic encounter!  Vampires Are Forever is a must have for fans of Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau series and lovers of fun vampire romances!


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