Vampire, Interrupted by Lynsay Sands
An Argeneau Novel, Book 9
Erotic Vampire/Paranormal
ISBN: (13) 978-0-061-22977-0; (10) 0-061-22977-6
Reviewed by Sabella



Marguerite Argeneau is finally having the chance to live her life as she wants – her controlling husband is dead and all four of her children all nicely paired off.  So when the opportunity presents itself Marguerite embarks on a career – being a PI doesn’t seem to be that hard and it certainly looks like fun.  But as Marguerite embarks on her very first case she has to deal with attempts on her life, muggings, mind control and sabotage – and that doesn’t even include all the surprises she gets when she meets her client’s father, Julius.

Julius Notte has spent the last five hundred years telling his son Christian that his mother is dead and nothing else.  However, Christian is determined to at least find out her name and he has hired Marguerite to do so.  All of this puts Julius in a difficult position as he is sure that Marguerite is his lifemate but he needs to hide information from her to stop her from finding what Christian wants – until the right time.

Vampire, Interrupted tells the story of Marguerite – the matriarch of the Argeneau clan.  As Marguerite sets out to live her life on her own terms for the first time in seven hundred years she finds freedom to be more dangerous than she thought.  As the story unfolds, Marguerite is revealed to be a woman with more vulnerabilities than her family suspects but still a woman of sense and intelligence.  In a way, this story is really an unveiling of Marguerite the woman, complete with a past that had its share of painful, as well as happy moments that made her the woman we have come to know through all the stories about her children.  Julius is charming in his fumbling attempts to woo Marguerite and surprisingly understanding once the real truth of Christian’s birth is revealed.  These two are fun to watch as they drive each other a little crazy – in all the good ways.  At the end of Vampire, Interrupted, all of the Argeneaus come together with their lifemates to tie up all their stories together giving a sense of completion, while still leaving the door open for books on the “new” family members.  Vampire, Interrupted is a fun and emotional book that will satisfy all your cravings for a romance with a little bit of spice!


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