The Flyer by Marjorie Jones
Medallion Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: (10) 1933836229 (13) 9781933836225
Reviewed by Amelia



Dr. Helen Stanhope, recently graduated from medical school, has come to Australia to make a new life for herself. Sheíll be working as a doctor with a family friend, and traveling to outreaching parts of Australia to deliver medical care to those who canít get it anywhere else.

Helenís transportation during these times will come via a bi-plane, piloted by Paul Campbell. Paul came home to Australia after the Great War, using his skills as a pilot to help supply the people with supplies.

Paul and Helen have an instant attraction, but Helen fights the feelings because of things that have happened in her past. When Paul finds out, will he continue to love her, or fly away?

The Flyer is set during a time period that is fascinating to me, after the First World War, during the 1920s. Helen is a modern woman for her time, wearing skirts that show her ankles and bobbing her hair. She was a strong character, who made uncertain choices in her life and is trying to figure out where to go next.

Paul, in my opinion, is just to-die-for, rugged and handsome and willing to stick by his woman, no matter what. He was a major part of what I enjoyed this book. The other would be Ms. Jonesí description of Australia, and itís people and creatures. All of this combined together makes The Flyer an interesting historical that lovers of romance will enjoy.


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