The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands
An Argeneau Novel, Book 7
Erotic Vampire/Paranormal
ISBN: (13) 978-0-061-22968-8; (10) 0-061-22968-7
Reviewed by Sabella



Elvi’s life during the past five years has sucked!  Literally.  She went on a trip to Mexico with her best friend Mabel, got into a pretty nasty car accident and woke up a vampire.  Now, Elvi has to sleep in a coffin, which is nowhere near as comfortable as her old king size bed. She doesn’t have a reflection and worse yet – Elvi can’t eat anything but blood!  So far, though, Elvi has been doing fine, thanks to Mabel’s help and all the townspeople helping Elvi cope and survive.  So, when they all get together in order to find Elvi a vampire mate, they all end up with more than they bargained for – especially Elvi!

Victor Argeneau has lived a long, long time.  Frankly, he has been a little bored with life until his brother Lucien got him involved in the Vampire Council as an Enforcer seeking out vampire rogues.  Currently, he has been sent to find out if the woman Elvi that has been subject to some very disquieting rumors is indeed a vampire.  Because if Elvi is a vampire, Victor is going to have to turn her into the Council for punishment, maybe even for execution, for exposing the vampire community to mortals.  But on arrival to the small town of Port Henry, Victor finds the last thing he expects – a clueless vampire that has been living according to every cliché ever conceived about Vampires and his very own lifemate.

Will Victor be able to save Elvi from the wrath of the Council?  And more importantly claim Elvi for his very own?

The Accidental Vampire is a great continuation to the Argeneau saga, this time bringing us the story of Victor who has been morose and taciturn in previous books.  This time Victor is accompanied by the ever-cheerful DJ who proves to be the comic to Victor’s straight man.  Victor is a charming character with his old-world charm and his bafflement in the face of the workings of the female mind.  Elvi is a fun character as she quickly makes fun of herself and her situation when she discovers that she can once again enjoy the things she has been missing – like food, a bed or mirrors.  I must say this book had me laughing out loud several times with the antics of Elvi and the townspeople that have pulled together to keep her alive.  Elvi and Victor are great characters that will entertain you with their banter while the secondary characters will amuse you with their witty one-liners as well as a comic back-drop to the romance.  The Accidental Vampire is an extraordinarily funny book full of interesting and charming characters that will keep you glued to your seat and turning the pages!


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