Texas Bluff by Linda Warren
Texas Hold'em, Book 5
Harlequin SuperRomance
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0-373-71470-X
Reviewed by Tanya



Luke Chisum has spent a good chunk of his life running from the past.  Luke was adopted as a infant and though his parents have always loved him it seems as though his older brother hates the fact he is part of the family.  When he was a senior in high school, he dated Becky (Bec), the sheriff’s daughter on a dare.  The first date was a dare but all the subsequent dates were because he fell in love with her.  The only problem was that he never told her about the dare.  When she found out, she refused to talk to him anymore and started to date someone else.  Luke was devastated and joined the Army and left town.

Now sixteen years later, he is back.  He’s home to help out his mother after his father has a stroke, and to work on the family farm.  He has never gotten Bec out of his system and would love to pick up with her.  But she is a divorced woman now and has a son in high school.

Bec is scared that Luke will learn her secret.  But a couple of shocking family revelations will stun not only Luc but all in town.  What will happen when Bec reveals her secret on top of all of this?  Will they all have enough love to survive the issues?

In this final chapter with the friends of River Bluff, we meet Bec and Luke who have quite the past together.  I enjoyed Texas Bluff, though I had not read any of the other books in this series.  I must say Ms. Warren did a great job in throwing in a number of unforeseen connections.  I think that Ms. Warren has definitely found the genre that she thrives in and adds a new twist to a popular genre.  I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and wish there was another in the series to visit the area again.  If you enjoy Texas romances, you will like Texas Bluff.


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