Surrender to the Highlander by Terri Brisbin
Harlequin Historical
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-29486-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Rurik Erengislsson’s childhood friends, Magnus and Sven, have come to Lairig Dubh where Rurik has been living with his uncle and the Clan MacLerie to tell Rurik that his father wants him to come back home and take his rightful place as heir. As a bastard son, Rurik has always craved the acceptance and love of his father so he returns.

Rurik is sent by his father to fetch Margriet Gunnarsdottir from the convent she has been living in for years and bring her home. Rurik is fascinated by Margriet. Although she dresses as a nun and even claims to be one, Rurik is sure she is not. He intends to find out why she is pretending.  Margriet is hiding more than one secret. As she journey’s home to her father she regrets her lies to Rurik but Margriet is convinced that she has no other choice.

Rurik and Margriet have much in common and their mutual attraction continues to grow. Is there a future for them together when they return home and truths are revealed and lies exposed?

Surrender to the Highlander is an angst filled romance filled with forbidden love and unfulfilled desires. I liked both Rurik and Margriet. I was almost convinced there was no way for them to be together. The story unfolds dramatically and romantically. Surrender to the Highlander is a good story with a perverse and cruel villain and many amiable characters.


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