Seduced by Sin by Kimberly Logan
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0061239205
Reviewed by Tanya



Lady Aimee saw the horrific murder of her mother when she was a child but this has always been a repressed memory/amnesia for her.  Now suddenly as she is trying to be an adult and get on with her life, and accept the hand that fate has dealt her, there are two startling things that happen to her.  One is that her long standing love and lust for Royce Grenville, Viscount Stonehurst may have a chance to blossom again, though he strongly rebuked it the last time she saw him.  The second is that someone seems to be intent on harming or killing her as her memories return.

Will Royce be able to overcome his personal belief that he is cursed?  His father convinced him of that years ago, when it seemed that everyone he loved wound up dead one way or another.  This seemed to follow him into the army, which is where he personally obtained a scar.  Aimee has a lot of patience and love for him but will he kill that love or be able to accept it and love her, as she deserves?  While all these feeling are swirling around now suddenly it is becoming more and more apparent that someone wants to do Aimee bodily harm.  Whether he can love her or not he vows to keep her safe.

Seduced by Sin is an interesting foray into the world of Historical Romance mixed with situational amnesia.  Ms. Logan does a wonderful job in pulling the reader into the heart of the story.  I read this story before I knew it was the third in a series, and it is easily a stand alone though it might make you want to go back and read the first two, like I am going to.  I also think that while Royce was a troubled man, that Aimee gave him a few too many chances, but then again you will do a lot for love.  I thoroughly enjoyed Seduced by Sin and think you will also.


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