Secrets of the Highlander by Janet Chapman
Highlander Series, Book 6
Pocket Star
Contemporary/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1416505297
Reviewed by Tanya



Megan MacKeage is one of the seven, very independent daughters of Laird MacKeage who, many know from the other Highlander books.  She has returned home pregnant and fuming at her bad instincts.  The man she fell in love with, and the father of her child, (Wayne Ferris), dropped her like a hot potato when she told him of her love and pregnancy.  She is just starting to venture out after spending some time “licking her wounds” when suddenly everyone is trying to set her up with the town’s new sheriff.

What will happen when it turns out that the new sheriff (Jack Stone) is none other than the man Megan knew as Wayne Ferris.  He claims to have followed her because he loves her.  He states that he sent her away for her protection, yeah right.  Can Megan ever trust this secretive man again?  Lord knows her body recognizes him.

Unfortunately, the former highlander Kenzie has asked Megan to help him with two special projects and sworn her to secrecy.  Will these secrets cause her and Jack to never be able to come together or will they work through their differences and form the family unit that both want?

Secrets of the Highlander is a wonderful addition to the Highlander Series by Janet Chapman.  The book is completely a stand-alone story, but those who have followed the entire series will also be drawn back into the lives of a few “friends”.  I loved how Grace gives Megan advice that is always right on, but also doesn’t force the advice on her girls, unless they ask for it.  Additionally, Ms. Chapman writes about strong women who in their own ways are “warriors”, though their men might not originally agree, unless they stop to think about it.  I can hardly wait for Camy to find her match, and I hope she has her own book coming out.  Ms. Chapman definitely has a winner with Secrets of the Highlander.


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