Seaview Inn by Sherryl Woods
Contemporary Romance
ISBN-10: 0778325296
ISBN-13: 978-0778325291
Reviewed by Nannette



Hannah Matthews has come back to the Seaview Inn to try and get her grandmother to sell it. Hannah moved on to bigger and better things in New York years ago. Small town life is not for her and she doesnít want to be there.  Grandma Jenny is being very stubborn though. She has no intention of leaving. Hannahís daughter Kelsey has also come to Seaview to try and make sense of her life. Sheís pregnant and confused. Once she gets to Seaview, Kelsey realizes this is exactly where she needs to be. Hannah has her hands full with her grandmother, her daughter and coping as a breast cancer survivor as well. So when her high school friend Luke Stevens shows up at the inn, itís a pleasant surprise, until she finds out that Grandma Jenny is renting him a room. Lukeís life is in turmoil and his hometown seems like the perfect place to gain some perspective.

Although itís the last place she wants to be, Hannah is slowly discovering that the Seaview Inn is just what she needed.

Seaview Inn is a lovely story and Seaview is a charming little town. Hannah and Luke are characters facing real life situations. Their story is moving and wonderfully told. Luke and Hannah find that all they ever needed was home.    


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