One Real Man by Janette Kenny
Historical Romance/Western
ISBN: 978-0821781470
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Gil Yancy prides himself on making sound decisions.  When his friend Everett offers him a choice to buy into Everettís working ranch, Gil takes him up on the offer.  Arriving at the ranch weeks later, Gil wonders at the quietness and when he sees a housekeeper cleaning a cabin he questions her as to where the owner or his wife might be.  When the woman turns around, Gil sees red.  Evidently the lady of the evening that robbed him blind twelve years ago is now employed on his friendís ranch.  Gil canít WAIT to tell Everett or his wife about her and he gloats as he tells her this fact. 

Josephine Andrews is at once dismayed and secretly astonished to come face to face with the only man to make her feel loved after twelve long years.  Knowing that she does owe him for taking his money so long ago, Josie canít help but be scared because Gil actually gave her something worth more than money.  When Gil demands to see Everettís wife at the ranch house, Josie does what he demands.  She dresses and comes down to meet her company.  Evidently Everett, her deceased husband, didnít tell Gil everything before Gil bought part of their ranch.  Josie has to put up with him in order for the ranch to succeed and in her deepest heart of hearts, she desires him as if twelve years were just yesterday.

Gil and Josie come to an understanding, sort of.  Gil canít help wanting to make Josie pay for past mistakes and Josie canít help loving him in spite of it.  Add in a tiny waif with blonde hair and Gilís heart is lost forever.  But, in order for these two lovers to lead their lives, they must get rid of a foul neighbor intent on doing Josie and her daughter harm.  Gil vows no one will hurt them, and he means it.

One Real Man is a fitting title to this wonderful book.  Gil was such a man. He was real, faults and all, and while his gambling and love of taking chances almost made him unreliable, his ability to control that one area of his life more than made up for the feelings he invoked.  Josie was a woman who knew what was important in life and while she regretted taking from Gil so long ago, she still felt that what Gil gave her in return was more than anything she could ever repay him. Their finding each other after so long was just one aspect of why One Real Man was a great novel.

Janette Kenny has a new fan. I have already gotten her previous release, One Real Cowboy, to read and plan on waiting and watching for more new books as they are released.  One Real Man released in March and I suggest reading this truly outstanding western romance. 


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