One Knight Only by Julia Latham
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-123516-0
Reviewed by Tanya



Anne Kendall may only be a ladies maid but she has the heart and soul of an adventurer.  She is hoping to use these traits to help her win a position with the League of the Blade.  She is currently working undercover with them, to try and help a noble woman secretly travel to see King Henry so that she can let her know about a plot to kill him.  She knows that she doesn’t have a dowry or anything else to make her attractive to a husband, but she also knows that her former mistress will take her back into her household without an issue.  No matter Anne has only loved one man.  She fell in love with Sir Philip Clifford and thought he felt the same way.  That was until the night she was ready to give herself to him and he honestly let her know that for him it could only be a dalliance.

Now shockingly, she has run into Sir Phillip.  Since she is masquerading as another, he sneaks into her room and confronts her.  She can’t lie to him so he finds out the truth.  He insists on helping to keep her safe.  She has always pulled on his mind and “other parts” but will he recognize what that pulling is for love before it is too late?

While her part is daring, Anne decides that this is her one time to not only live out her fantasies but her desires also.  She gives into the passion that has always brewed between her and Sir Phillip, knowing that he hasn’t changed his thoughts on a relationship between them.  But, will it just cement her feelings for him, or will she also learn to understand him better?

One Knight Only is an intriguing look at politics and love in the late 1400’s.  I was drawn into this story quickly and it kept me sneaking pages whenever I was able to, until it was done.  Ms. Latham does a fantastic job in portraying the emotions and thoughts of her characters.  I was going to say this story will put her on my list of favorite authors, but I found that she has an “alter ego” that is already there.  It does take Sir Phillip a while to figure out what he is feeling but when he gets there it makes the story all the more intriguing.  I loved watching the two characters try and save each other.  One Knight Only is a wonderful story and one that you should pick up if you enjoy historical romances from this time period.


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