One Bite Stand by Nina Bangs
Dorchester Publishing
ISBN: 08439-5954-1
Reviewed by Jambrea



Daria has a problem; she is not bitchy enough to be a Harpy.  She tries to be all the Harpy she can be, so she doesnít disappoint her mother.  With the help of her twin brotherís magic she has the Harpy look, but not the attitude.  Daria gets a job at the Woo Woo Inn so she can pass her Harpy test.  All she needs to do is find someone evil to take back to Hades.  She thinks she has the perfect candidate in Declan MacKenzie, but he might be more than she bargained for.

Declan MacKenzie is back at the Woo Woo Inn to find out what happed to a couple of council members.  He sees Daria and is strangely attracted to her.  He isnít used to all these feelings that are coming at him.  While Declan is trying to figure out Daria, trouble is brewing at the Inn.

Will Daria take Declan as a prize to Hades or will she take him straight to her bed? Can Declan figure out what is going on at the Inn before itís too late?

Ganymede and Sparkle Stardust are back and causing all kinds of trouble in One Bite Stand.  I have three words for Nina Bangs, more, more and more.  Ms. Bangs knows how to bring the funny and the hot passion to her stories.  I love any of Ms. Bangsí stories that include Ganymede and Sparkle.  Those troublemakers are too funny and they get a little back in One Bite Stand

Declan and Daria are perfect for each other.  All the angst Ms. Bangsí pours into Daria is wonderfully delicious.  Daria is struggling so hard to find her place in the world and Declan is just the one to show her where she belongs.  One Bite Stand has hot action as well as hot loving.  Ms. Bang takes a great story and wraps everything together so well.  I hope Ms. Bangs has more stories in store for her cosmic troublemakers and their charges.


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