News Blues by Marianne Mancusi
Love Spell
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0505527493
Reviewed by Tanya



Maddy has simple wants in life.  At 27, she wants to produce for Newsline, have a cute guy and a real designer handbag, or at least a knockoff that has a sewn-on label and not a badly glued on one .  What she has is a dead-end job at News 9, where if “it bleeds it leads” if not, then it will go nowhere, no boyfriend, divorcing parents, a live-in hormonal 16-year-old sister and oh yeah a counterfeit Kate Spade bag that the label isn’t even sewn on to.  Did I mention no boyfriend?  Heck, she can’t even keep a date with a loser Czechoslovakian surfer, who loves soccer. 

But, now maybe her luck is turning.  She is producing her own segment; too bad it is with the narcissistic talking head at News 9.  Oh yeah, her new cameraman is the hottest guy she has seen in a long time, but he turns out to be engaged.  Add to this her father is having a baby with his new woman, who is younger than Maddy and you will decide that her luck is definitely not turning.

But, what happens when her knockoff handbag guy offers her the story of a lifetime?  Will she figure out how to step up and take on the story?  Will the one night she and Jamie connect turn into more?  More important than all of that, can she help her sister who is suddenly in a whole lot more trouble than anyone though possible?

News Blues is another winner from Marianne Mancusi.  This book has it all, lust, drugs and even maybe some killer make-up.  Ok, so not really on the killer make-up but the rest of it is true.   Ms. Mancusi does a wonderful job writing about the stressful work of being a producer, suddenly caring for a sibling as well as primadonna “talking heads” and lust.    I found that the way the chapters all started with a crazy email helped to set the tone for the ongoing dialogue.  Additionally, there is a super suspenseful story that happens with drugs and drug lords.  As well, add to this some forbidden lust and a few too many margaritas and you get this wonderful story.  I thoroughly enjoyed News Blues and think you will also.


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