Never Say Never by Michele Cameron
Genesis Press
Interracial Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Indy



After many years of waiting on her long time fiancť to finally set a date Desiree, a paralegal with dreams of becoming a lawyer, finally decides enough is enough. As she works her way through the disappointment and heartache of a love lost, Desiree is assigned to a white attorney who is making a name for himself in the firm they both work for. Tylerís thoughtfulness is the first thing that stands out as he and Desiree work together on a big case. Different backgrounds and baggage are nothing as the two slowly become enamored with each other. Emotions Desiree is unsure of how to handle considering her background and her knowledge that her family and friends wonít be as welcoming to the idea of her seeing a white man. Tyler is unwilling to be a closeted secret and Desiree will have to decide whatís more important, her growing love for Tyler or her familyís prejudice to a man who loves her better than sheís ever been loved before.

In a story where race is the main obstacle, Never Say Never, is another story in the ever growing interracial market where without the drama of racial prejudice there isnít much else to the actual plot. Michele Cameron is a decent writer I personally just believe the racial aspects of interracial love affairs have been done so much that that the it has lost its excitement. Desiree for a woman who seemed to be polished and intelligent really deferred to her family a little too much when it came to matters of the heart. Tyler was a gentleman but also a man with his own mind, unwilling to allow anyone elseís views to dictate if he would date Desiree, which made him extremely appealing as the male lead in the story. Iím hoping if Ms. Cameron decides to do another interracial love story she will create one where the story has a focus other than race.


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