Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich
Harper Collins
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0060598921
Reviewed by Tanya



Louisa is going nuts, her upstairs neighbor is making sure of it.  He is getting calls at all hours of the night and her portable phone picks up the signal, meaning she is never going to get a full nightís sleep again.  Adding to this offense is the fact he snatches her paper, and listens to her conversations through the walls and vents.  When she finally meets him though he is also one of the most handsome men she has ever met before.  Too bad he is pushy, and gets her little car vandalized, and oh yeah may be the reason she is fired from her government job.

Pete Streeter doesnít know what the little mousey woman from downstairs is doing to him.  But, he canít seem to live without seeing and talking to her.  Then, suddenly, she might be in danger because of him.  Now he is setting out to make sure she is safe, though he is the one that has convinced her to help him figure out what the deal with the missing pig is really about.  She has the right contacts in the government after being a press secretary in the Hart building.

Will Louisa trust the feelings that she has for Pete are being returned and that she isnít just another fling for him?  Also will she finally take control of her life and do what she wants, and not what is expected of her?

Naughty Neighbor is a rewrite on an early J. Evanovich romance tale and in this one she appears to have updated some of the slang, etc.  I found this story to be humorous and a fun read.  While it is a lot more romantic than the Stephanie Plum series it is still a strong stand alone who-done-it with a nice romantic side story.  If you are a reader of contemporary romances then you will like this story.  Also in Naughty Neighbor you not only have a pig as a centerpiece of a story but an independent cat named Spike.  You gotta love a cat named Spike, especially if he is owned by a smoking hot bad boy, turned screen playwriter.


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