Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas
The Hathaways, Book 1
St. Martin's Press
Historical Romance
ISBN-10: 0312949804
ISBN-13: 978-0312949808
Reviewed by Cheryl



Amelia Hathaway, doing what she must to keep her family together, is on a mission to save her brother.  The de facto head of the family after her parents' deaths, Amelia has her hands full with her siblings.  After coming into an unexpected inheritance and title, her brother Leo's behavior has become even more self-destructive than before.  When Leo disappears yet again, Amelia feels she must find and save him.  This leads her to Jenner's, the notorious gaming hell, and to Cam Rohan.

Caught between two worlds, Cam is feeling discontent in his life.  As the manager of a successful gaming club with a keen mind and untold luck for investments, Cam has secured his financial future.  However, his Romany heritage has always kept him just outside polite society.  Increasingly, Cam would like to throw off 'civilized' society and return to the wandering, free Gypsy ways.

With Cam's help, Leo is found and saved from himself...for the time being.  Before the night is over, however, Cam and Amelia give into temptation and share one explosive kiss.  Both are moved by this, but it is little more than a stolen moment.  Their lives are moving in different directions, or so they think.

When the pair meets up again in the country, their attraction has only grown.  Cam finds that freedom might not be the only thing his life is missing.  Amelia might just be what he needs.  She is drawn to Cam as well; however, she is independent and not ready for Cam's assistance, especially where her family is concerned.  Cam's persistence slowly pays off, but it will take more to win over Amelia.

Since first meeting Cam Rohan in The Devil in Winter, I have been not-so patiently waiting for his story.  Cam is everything you could want in a hero--strong, intelligent, and oh so sexy with a touch of mystery.  Add in Lisa Kleypas' talent for creating amazing leading men, and you have a winner!  Amelia is a good match for Cam.  Innocent, but with strength of her own, she can easily stand toe-to-toe with Cam.  Amelia is not without her faults.  At times she seemed needlessly contrary, and while that was a bit trying, it wasn't out of character.

A rich tale with vivid characters, Mine Till Midnight is as much about the secondary characters as it is about Cam and Amelia.  The Hathaway siblings produce more than their share of drama and are sure to spawn more wonderful stories.  Leo is set up nicely as the wastrel in need of reformation.  Younger sister Win and the not-quite adopted brother Romany Merripen are also ready for their installment.  However, with this many other detailed and dominating characters, Cam and Amelia's plot line took a back seat at times.  After waiting this long for Cam, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.  I wanted more of him!  This is not to say I wasn't totally engrossed and didn't read it from cover-to-cover in one sitting.  Ms. Kleypas is a victim of her own success.  She has penned many of my all-time favorites, and that might be too high of a bar for any author to hit every time.  In the end, I did enjoy Mine Till Midnight and eagerly look forward to the next.  Ms. Kleypas' fans will definitely want to pick up this start to a charming new series.


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