Master of the Highlands by Veronica Wolff
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-21899-0
Reviewed by Nannette



While hiking through the countryside of picturesque Scotland searching for another ideal drawing spot, Lily Hamlin discovers a stone maze. She enters and soon becomes lost walking through itís winding corridors. Then she feels the ground quake beneath her feet and everything goes black.

Ewen Cameron has just met with General Monk, the head of the English Army. Monk wants Ewen to swear loyalty to the English Parliament and cease fighting them. Ewen has no intention of ever giving in to the English.  As he travels home he spots a woman, clearly wounded and strangely dressed. Ewen takes her home with him and tends her wounds. Lily awakens in the year 1654. As she and Ewen begin to piece together what happened to her, Ewen recalls the prediction told by a witch named Gormshuil. Gormshuil said that someone would be coming. Apparently, that someone is Lily. Lily wants to go home and Ewen promises to help her but as the days pass they grow closer and soon even with war eminent, Ewen wants Lily to stay. Surrounded by danger, Ewen and Lily fight for their new found love.

Time travel historical romances are fun to read. Master of the Highlands is no exception. It has action, sensuality, and many good characters.  Ewen is a stoic warrior. Lily is sweet and funny. She brings out the best in Ewen. Master of the Highlands is a story filled with magic, romance, and danger.


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