Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (Deceased) by
Emma Collingwood
The Penny, Dreadful, and Tarbottom Series
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Gay Historical / Ghost
ISBN: 978-3837009644
Reviewed by Cassie



Despite rumors of a terrible curse, Lieutenant Daniel Leigh jumps at the chance to take over a friendís position as first lieutenant of the HMS Privet.  Heís tired of being stuck on land after a serious injury at sea, and is ready to get to the root of the mysterious happenings on the ship.  Once on board, he finds that something truly sinister is going on.  He also finds himself having unexpected feelings for Captain John Meadows.  Can he save the ship and itís captain, or will the curse claim his life first?

Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (Deceased) is a fast-paced and enjoyable tale in the vein of the classic penny dreadful.  The mock-aged cover, the inclusion of several well-done illustrations, and the gothic storyline add to the old-style feel of the book.  Since Iíve not read much historical m/m, I was really excited to review this book, and I was not disappointed!  Emma Collingwoodís tale of ghosts and love on the high seas kept me entertained from the first page.  I read the book cover to cover in one sitting because I didnít want to wait to find out how it ended.  Cheerful, charming, hardworking Daniel was a very likeable hero.  John, his captain and love interest, made a great tortured hero.  The ghostly villain provided suspense and spooky atmosphere.  If youíre looking for a fun, adventurous ghost story spiced with romance, pick up Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (Deceased).  I canít wait to see what Ms. Collingwood comes up with next!


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