Let Sleeping Rogues Lie by Sabrina Jeffries
School for Heiresses, Book 4
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: (13) 978-1-4165-5151-5; (10) 1-4165-5151-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Anthony Dalton, Viscount Norcourt, learned at a very young age that trying to mold himself to please others gained him nothing but disappointment.  So in accordance with this lesson, Anthony has lived his life so far without regard for what society thinks.  However, when Anthony’s brother unexpectedly dies, Anthony finds himself in the unenviable position of having to prove that he is a fit guardian for a young girl against his uncle, Sir Randolph Bickham.

Madeline Prescott is a valued teacher at Mrs. Harris' School for Young Ladies which has enabled her to continue the crusade to prove her father innocent of murder and restore his reputation as a doctor.  When Lord Norcourt walks into the school looking to enroll his niece, Madeline sees an opportunity for both of them to achieve their ends.  Lord Norcourt can help her by providing access to the leading minds of the time in exchange for Madeline’s insuring his niece’s acceptance in Mrs. Harris’ school.

But as the stakes get higher and Madeline discovers that Anthony is more than he seems – will she dare confide in him that they share the same adversary?

As the fourth book in the School for Heiresses series, Let Sleeping Rogues Lie is a wonderful continuation to a fun regency romance series.  In this installment the rogue in question is Anthony Dalton – an “unrepentant” rakehell that delights in seducing women.  However, as his true character is unveiled we see that he is truly a man of feeling and honor who has adopted the façade of an uncaring seducer to hide his vulnerabilities.  Madeline is not the usual heroine with her mind’s scientific bent, unstoppable curiosity and uncanny knowledge of biology.  As a woman of common sense, Madeline is the perfect foil for Anthony as they find in each other the balance they need to have a happy life.  When Madeline and Anthony finally come together – watch out, it just might singe you!  Sabrina Jeffries has penned another fun and sexy romance that is not to be missed.  Pick up Let Sleeping Rogues Lie for a wonderfully entertaining read that will charm you from start to finish!


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