If Love Is Good to Me by Francine Craft
Kimani Press
Interracial Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-58314-783-2
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



After ending a bad relationship, Dosha Steele wasnít looking for love; however, fate had other ideas.  While on a heartbroken recovery trip in Spain, Dosha meets and instantly fell under the charming spell of the handsome millionaire, Christian Montero.  Passion quickly ignited between the twosome and it wasnít long before love entered the picture.  But, life wasnít all sweet for the happy couple because of a great deal of jealousy and deceit that threatened the union of their future.  Will Dosha and Christianís relationship be able to endure and prevail over the nasty obstacles that were determined to block their road into eternal happiness?

If Love Is Good To Me was a great story enriched with Spanish history, romance, envy, sadness and mystery.  The suspenseful plot kept me glue to my seat eager to uncover all the secrecy all while hoping that Dosha and Christianís love would outshine and remain strong throughout everything that came their way.  I could feel the tension build with each turn of the page and I found myself trying to work out the identity of the person behind the threats against Dosha and Christianís happiness. From the start I was intrigued with the dynamics of If Love Is Good To Me and my interest maintained a steady course until the very end.  


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