Everlasting Love by Kayla Perrin
Kensington Publishing
African American Contemporary/Suspense
ISBN: 978-0786005338
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



After two years of separation from her husband, Whitney Jordan had finally built up the nerve to end her marriage to Javar Jordan.  Whitney knew without a doubt that her once happy union to Javar could not be saved because SHE caused the death of Javarís son.  Whitney felt guilty and responsible because she survived the automobile accident and her stepson did not.  Before she could reach Javar at the home that they used to share, a careless, hasty driver forced Whitney off the road in a near death accident.  Once again Whitney awakened in a hospital with Javar by her side.  However, this time instead of staring at her with hurtful, accusing eyes, Javar showcased hopes of renewing their marriage.  But, someone from their past didnít want Whitney and Javarís marriage to continue to exist and the only way to make sure was to kill Whitney.  Will that person succeed or will Whitney and Javar be able to catch the would be killer before it was too late?

From the start, Everlasting Love had me hooked.  I couldnít put this book down until all the secrets were revealed and let me tell you author Kayla Perrin did a magnificent job of withholding the true identity of bad character until the very end.  Throughout the book, I thought I had figured out who the evil mastermind was; but let me tell you I was WRONG.  I never would have guessed!  What a fabulous story Everlasting Love was with the right mixture of romance and suspense to keep me hanging on the edge of my seat with great anticipation.  This is one story not to be missed!


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