Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs
Dorchester Publishing
ISBN: 08439-5953-3
Reviewed by Jambrea



Kelly Maloy is Ty Endeka;s driver for a few weeks.  She needs the cash and wonít ask too many questions. But when she meets Ty for the first time, he scares her in ways she never thought possible.  Little does she know that Ty will draw her into a world where deadly creatures exist and the human race is in grave danger. 

 Ty is part of The Eleven, a group fighting against a great evil set to end the world.  The Eleven are supposed to protect the world at any cost so the Earth doesnít fall into evil hands, thus ending the existence of the human race. 

When Kellyís world is shaken by the truth of what Ty is, can she accept him?  Will Ty be able to control his animal need for Kelly or will he scare her away?  Can the two find love when the world is in jeopardy?

 Eternal Pleasure is edgy, dark, raw and savage.  Nina Bangs outdid her self with this story of the Mayan Prophecy of the world ending on 12-21-12.  Eternal Pleasure is darker than some of the other stories Iíve read by Ms. Bangs, but it by far the best book Iíve read by her.  The raw emotion of Ty and his inner soul made me weep.  He is fighting against so much and Kelly is there for him every step of the way whether she likes it or not.  I think Eternal Pleasure is a great start to what I believe will be an excellent series. 


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