Dreamwalker by Kathleen Dante
Berkley Heat
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: (10) 0-425-21963-1; (13) 978-0-425-21963-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Aurora diScipio has a secret, which allows her to execute her job as a thief flawlessly.  As a lamia, Rory can change her appearance at will, which when combined with her facility for electronics and her physical conditioning, make her a master at her trade.  However, when she is effectively hunted down by a mysterious man, Rory begins to doubt herself and as he gets closer and closer, Rory canít resist the challenge he presents.  Will taking this mystery man up on his proposition cost Rory her life or gain her a permanent partner?

As an incubus, Damon Venizťlos can enter anybodyís dreams and change them to what he needs, which allow him to kill without a trace.  Damon likes his job as an assassin, but this newest mission he has been sent out on is a little far from his usual fare.  Damon needs to find and convince the master thief heís searching for to help him in obtaining the recovery of a dangerous nuclear device from terroristís hands.  However, once Damon discovers that his master thief is a woman the stakes change as the passion between them reaches a point where it canít be ignored.

As Damon and Rory come together they must adapt to each other and the unusual situation in order to carry out their mission.  But as danger stalks them,  a decision must be made as to which is more important Ė the mission or their love for each other?

Dreamwalker is fun, erotically charged and action-packed romance that will have you on the edge of your seat from the sexual tension and suspense.  Kathleen Dante spins a great tale packed with all the things romance readers love Ė plenty of lava hot passion, chilling suspense and a wonderful HEA.  On the first impression, Damon seems like a ruthless killer, but as the story unfolds he shares his real emotions and vulnerabilities showing him to be a man of deep emotion and passion.  Rory, from the first, will impress with her steely spine and deep confidence in herself and her abilities, making her an admirable heroine.  As these two clash and then come together they will steal you breath and have you eagerly turning the pages to find out if they survive their mission.  Dreamwalker brings together two strong people that make this action-packed romance a real page-turner and as well delivers a HEA that will satisfy!  Buy yourself Dreamwalker Ė itís a book that will capture your imagination with itís wonderful blend of every day life and the magical abilities of itís characters!


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