Double Fantasy by Cheryl Holt
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Erotic Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-312-94256-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Anne Carstairs and her sister Sarah have lived at Gladstone Manor since they were children. Their parents died and their Aunt Edith took them in. Edith’s son Percy and her daughter Ophelia live at the estate as well. For the last eighteen years Percy has held the title of Earl but now, the true Earl of Gladstone has returned. Jamieson Merrick and his twin brother Jack were cast out when they were just babies. Their father had an illicit affair with a maid and when she died giving birth to them their father sent them away. Once Jamie returns he decides to marry Anne.  Anne is confused, frightened, and attracted to Jamie. Jamie is a hard and commanding man used to getting his way and Anne’s refusal infuriates and spurns him on.

Jack has been intrigued by Sarah since he met her. Sarah has secrets of her own and she won’t willingly confide in anyone. Jack is determined to find out what they are though and he’ll use seduction to do it.

Although Ophelia and Percy are siblings they have also been lovers for years. They are greedy and spoiled and will do whatever it takes to remain at Gladstone Manor, so when Jamie’s wanderlust sets in again they use his disappearance to their advantage. If Jaime doesn’t come to his senses he’ll lose the woman he has reluctantly come to care for. 

 As if one hero were not enough, Double Fantasy has two. Jack and Jamie are sexy and charming rogues. I did not like Jamie’s womanizing and constant disregard for Anne’s feelings. Jack always did the honorable thing though. Jack and Jamie are intriguing, Anne and Sarah are lovely, and Ophelia and Percy are villainous and fascinating. Double Fantasy is one erotic and engrossing story.


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