Demon Night by Meljean Brook
The Guardians, Book 5
Berkley Sensation
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-21977-5
Reviewed by Jo



Charlie Newcomb has finally put her life back together with a lot of hard work and she is close to finishing her schooling for the next step.  The night she is almost attacked by three vampires has Charlie thinking twice about what her life now consists of.  Why would they pick her out?

Ethan McCabe has been a guardian for several hundred years and he has never been distracted from his assignments.  However, after shadowing Charlie for a while now, Ethan is highly attracted to her, and that has nothing to do with his Guardian duties.  Guardians are to protect and Ethan feels an overwhelming need to protect Charlie from the vampires and demons hunting her that has everything to do with being a man.

Ethan and Charlie have discovered that the link between her and the vampires is her sister and the research she is currently doing.  Ethan and Charlie are slowly figuring out the intricacies of the Seattle vampire community and the fierce determination of the demon that wants Charlie.  As they discover exactly who is hiding the demon within and just how complex the scheme really is, will Ethan and the Guardians be enough to protect her from the new reality of her life?

Demon Night is the highly complex and intricate story of Charlie and Ethan and how they come to have their forever.  Charlie has messed up her life and just now has about claimed it back correctly.  Ethan made a decision that led to his becoming a Guardian and he has not forgotten why he had to make that decision.  Ethan and Charlie at first try to ignore the feelings that are springing up between them, but you just cannot ignore the red-hot passion once it has taken over.  I was once again intrigued by a plot from Ms. Brook that included not only danger from several angles that seem to include some folklore but also never let you lose track of the romance.  Demon Night will take you on a wild roller coaster ride that paranormal lovers will not want to miss.


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