Damien by Jacquelyn Frank
Nightwalkers, Book 4
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-82178068-8
Reviewed by Nannette



Damien is the Vampire Prince. He has lived for centuries. As is the nature of the vampire, Damien’s life revolves around pleasure, selfishness and the hunt. He takes his position as Prince very seriously though, guarding his people ferociously. Syreena is a lycanthrope but one like no other. She has unique abilities and can change into several forms. She is revered by her Pride and even feared, for no one truly knows the extent of her abilities. Syreena’s sister Sienna is the queen of the lycanthropes. Sienna has asked Syreena to guard the newly discovered library that contains hundreds of tomes pertaining to various Nightwalkers races. The library must be guarded fiercely against those who wish to use the information in those tomes to destroy the Nightwalkers. While on guard Syreena is kidnapped and brutalized by a traitorous Demon hell-bent on destroying the Nightwalkers. Damien saves Syreena but in the process they are both severely injured. Their closeness, born of necessity, creates something more, something irrevocable and impossible. The joining of two Nightwalker races is forbidden, although it has been done successfully in the past. Lycanthropes and vampires are least likely to be accepting of such a joining therefore, foes from all sides surround Damien and Syreena. One enemy in particular seethes with hatred for the Nightwalkers and relentlessly seeks to destroy them. This villain will stop at nothing and exploit any vulnerability to obtain the power it seeks. The most profound and joyous time of their lives is laced with danger and death as Damien and Syreena are thrown into a fight for their survival.

 Jacquelyn Frank weaves an intricately detailed and amazing story with Damien. Both lonely and alone, Damien and Syreena come together in a fiery display of love and passion. The longing before their joining and the intensity and rightness of their love is breathtaking. Syreena is charming. She has an almost childlike innocence but at the same time she has the sensuality of a woman and the aggressiveness of a born fighter. Damien is handsome, regal, and imposing. He oozes sensuality. Treachery, suspense, and eroticism fill the pages of Damien. The complexity of its storyline is matched by its brazen sensuality and edge-of-your-seat suspense.  Each Nightwalker book has captivated me with a new set of lovers who face a new set of challenges.  Damien is no exception. It is a fantastic story!


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