A Heated Romance by Candace Gold
Highland Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-9815573-0-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Marcie O’Dwyer is a fire fighter. Ray Smith has just transferred from another firehouse to Marcie’s. They get off on the wrong foot, arguing constantly until they have a little competition and Marcie proves her ability to be as good a fire fighter as Smith. Smith is attracted to Marcie but he lost one love in the line of duty and he refuses to take that risk again. Marcie thinks Smith is an arrogant jerk but slowly they both come to realize that their attraction is too strong to deny. As soon as their affair begins, it ends when Smith appears to be untrustworthy.

When several buildings are set ablaze and Marcie sees something suspicious she becomes a target for the arsonist. All signs point to Smith. Could he really hurt her and innocent people, or is he being set up?

A Heated Romance is a story with a black cloud- from the angst of Marcie and Smith’s relationship, to their dysfunctional and/or tragic families, to the arsonist’s deeds, it just feels depressing. The basic plot of A Heated Romance is good but it’s a bit fast paced and I never felt much chemistry between Marcie and Smith, therefore, I would not recommend A Heated Romance.


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