7% And Rising By Kim Knox

Samhain Publishing

Science Fiction Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-695-7

Reviewed by Chris



Cahn Dal is a time traveler and a member of the Foundation, an organization that meddles in the fabric of time for its own self-serving benefit. Cahn doesnít it see it that way until, in the midst of an operation, she runs into traitor and former Foundation member, Alexander Roen. Sheís always had a crush on the enigmatic man and even now, knowing that heís a defector and a cripple to boot, she canít help but still have feelings for him.

Permanently injured during a botched mission, Alexander Roen needs Cahn to complete his self-assigned duty: breach the Citadelís defenses and find out who corrupted the timeline. Cahn nearly dies fulfilling her task, but the knowledge she returns with identifies the culprit. Roen and Cahn need to work together to defeat the villain and his mad-scientist creations. Even then, it may not be enough to preserve their budding love through the fractures in time.

Tightly written and well-crafted, 7% And Rising is a novella you wonít be able to put down. Itís also not for those who like just a wee bit of science with their reading; Kim Knox makes you think. Her time travelersí world is original and its depiction never falters. This is a sci-fi story, first and foremost. The romance between Cahn and Alexander, while beautifully threaded through the story, is secondary. Ms. Knox kept me guessing the outcome until the very end. A great afternoon read!


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