Wolf’s Lair by Fawn Lowery
eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-773-3
Reviewed by Delia



Marti Hartman and Lucas Graywolf have a past. Once they were passionate lovers, but Lucas’ domineering personality reminded her too much of the abuse she suffered as a child. Marti pushes Lucas away and ends their relationship.

Nine months later, Marti is driven to ask Lucas for his help. She needs his unique tracking talents to help save her wolf sanctuary.  There have been cattle killed on the area ranches and her wolves and their sanctuary are in danger of being shut down.

As they travel in the mountains to track the predator, Marti and Lucas will have one more chance to get it right. Will Marti be able to get past her fears and reach out and put her trust in the one man she needs the most?

Wolf’s Lair by Fawn Lowery is one woman’s struggle to overcome an abusive childhood and trust again. Mari is strong willed and independent. She finds it hard to let anyone form a close bond with her. Lucas is a throwback to his Ute Indian ancestors. He’s virile, strong, and a dominate male.  He understands Mari more than she realizes and shows great patience in gaining her trust.  The one area where these two don’t have a problem is in bed. They burn each other up and bring the reader along for the explosion!  Wolf’s Lair is a journey of love, patience, passion, and acceptance that I fully enjoyed.


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