Wild Nights by Tawny Taylor
Passion Unbound, Book 1
Changeling Press
Erotic Paranormal Ménage BDSM Romance
ISBN 978-1-59596-673-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Before going to bed Maggie Dunning re-read her favorite romance novel where Bastien and Xander come and take their future bride back to their planet.  Maggie wakes in the middle of the night to find two huge and handsome men standing by here bed.  The next thing she knows, Maggie is in Alyria, the city in her novel, where Bastien and Xander are from.  Which means that somehow, she has fallen into her book, and Bastien Lennox and Xander Kendrick can turn into beasts.  Bastien and Xander are dominating men from the Realm of the Twelfth Knight Brotherhood.  These men find their brides and bring them back with them.  There is a spy in their midst though and he is using Maggie to get what he wants.

Wild Nights is the beginning of what could be a very hot and interesting series.  Bastien and Xander are mouth watering and dominant-especially Xander.  He is very sexy.  Maggie is a heroine with realistic reactions to the situation she finds herself in.  I liked her.  Wild Nights ends unfinished and I am eager to see what happens next!


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